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Consultants collaborating in a modern office environment

Providing comprehensive accounting services and remote staffing solutions since 2006.

Consultants collaborating in a modern office environment

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Proven Expertise: Over a decade of delivering outsourced accounting services with outstanding results.

Tailored Solutions: Customized strategies to meet the unique needs of UK accountancy professionals.

Innovative Approaches: Cutting-edge modern outsourced accounting solutions to stay ahead of industry trends.

Client-Centric: Focused on delivering exceptional value and client satisfaction through offshore accountancy services.

Comprehensive Support: A dedicated team proficient in all major accounting software, ensuring seamless service integration.

Empowering UK Accountants with Modern Outsourced Solutions

Initor Global Services, established in 2006, provides comprehensive accounting services and remote staffing solutions. Founded by Mr. Vijesh Zinzuwadia and Mr. Uday Ranpara, and backed by our parent company Zinzuwadia & Co (ZCO), we have grown from a start-up to a global leader. ZCO collaborates with Geneva Group International (GGI) to offer international audit, accounting, law, and consulting services.

From our modern offices in Ahmedabad, India, our team of over 250 qualified accountants delivers premium outsourced accounting services. We support clients of all sizes, across more than 20 countries, including the UK.

Initor Global UK serves over 100 accountancy practices and businesses across the UK and Ireland. Our clients trust us to provide fully compliant accounting services that meet the highest professional standards. Our UK-based customer experience hub, staffed by qualified accountants, ensures we are always within reach.

Our accounting services are flexible and scalable, catering to growth plans and addressing workload peaks.

Modern office environment
Consultants collaborating in a modern office environment



Empowering Your Growth

Initor Global offers outsourced accounting services to help you grow your business. With a proven track record in the UK, we ensure your outsourcing needs are met with precision. Experience the benefits of accounts outsourcing for UK accountants and modern outsourced accounting solutions with Initor Global. Our expert teams support UK accountants and businesses with premium offshore accountancy services.

T3 Pyramid Policy

Top-Tier Teamwork

Delivering premium outsourced accounting services with integrity, advanced technology, and continuous professional growth.

Team Professionally qualified teams delivering top-tier outsourced accounting services. We nurture talent and support career growth through continuous training.
Transparency Integrity, accountability, and ethics are the core of our operations, ensuring clear and honest services.
Technology We leverage advanced accounting software and technologies for efficient outsourced accounting solutions.

C3 Pyramid Policy

Collaborative Commitment

Boosting profitability and client satisfaction with reliable, accessible remote staffing solutions for UK accountants.

Collaboration Our remote staffing solutions boost profitability, client satisfaction, and business growth.
Communication Accessible remote teams with business hours that align with your needs.
Commitment Reliable delivery on time and within budget, without over-promising.

Experience superior outsourced accounting services with Initor Global.

Fitted Services Custom outsourced accounting services on ad-hoc, part-time, or full-time basis. Free trial available. We offer a free trial to ensure satisfaction with our quality and timeliness.

  • Systems Analysis Expert team using your preferred software. Secure remote access.
  • CRM Real-time progress tracking with in-house CRM.
  • Quality Assurance Senior reviews and continuous training at our Academy.
  • IT Integration Latest software and secure data transmission.
  • Training Academy in Ahmedabad for ongoing professional development.
  • SLAs Transparent agreements with regular performance updates.
  • Data Security GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant. Advanced software and cloud solutions.



Commitment to
Quality and Integrity

Our governance framework supports our vision and mission,
guided by core values in all interactions.

Vision & Mission
Vision To be the leading provider of remote staffing solutions for accountants and businesses globally.

Mission We fit our remote staffing solutions to meet the specific needs of accountants and businesses. By understanding our customers, we support their growth and profitability. We ensure outstanding quality and turnaround times, leveraging the latest technology for superior service and customer experience. Our expert teams deliver better value for money, helping clients achieve their goals.
Core Values

Integrity We uphold the highest standards of integrity, meeting personal, professional, and regulatory responsibilities.

Accountability We take ownership of our work, earning and maintaining the trust of our customers.

Ethics We adhere to the highest professional standards, promoting openness, transparency, and fulfilling our promises.

Teamwork We foster collaboration across diverse teams, empowering our people to achieve their career and personal goals.

The Team

Our success is driven by the expertise and dedication of our exceptional team

Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping businesses thrive.

Essential Facts

Years of Expertise

18+ Years Serving UK Accountancy

Client Success

300+ Satisfied UK Clients

Payroll Accuracy

45,000+ Payrolls Accurately Processed

Accounting Excellence

15,000+ Accounts Expertly Finalized

VAT Precision

20,000+ VAT Returns Filed with Precision

Tax Return Efficiency

8,000+ Self-Assessment Tax Returns

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Proven Expertise

Over a decade of experience delivering outstanding results.

Tailored solutions

Customized strategies to meet your unique business needs.

Innovative Approaches

Cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of industry trends.


Focused on delivering exceptional value and client satisfaction.