Bookkeeping trends

Accounting services have been revolving around emerging business trends, technological advancements, competitive scenarios, and dynamic environments.

Bookkeeping trends need to update with a dynamic environment and embrace a cultural shift driven by varied determinants:

A few trends are jotted below:

Virtual workstations

Employees are now no longer restricted to a determined physical workplace. The accounting industry is no longer an exception to this. Accounting firms have automated processes and installed high-tech software systems to mobilize business. Cost efficiency for the firms in maintaining infrastructure and flexible work schedules for employees area major benefits reaped from virtual workspaces.

Developing software programs

Automated and virtual accounting has compelled firms to install high-tech software to ease accounting procedures. Also, such technology facilitates in providing various data on the spur of the moment, that directs business strategies for the future. A big chunk of the clientele can be catered to simultaneously with the aid of technology. Technological updating is also another “must” to stay and strive in business.

Data Security

Electronically shared data needs the utmost security. Accounting firms need to protect themselves against cyber threats. Systems must authorize users to access data at the same time detect the slightest breach of fraud. Security of financial data boosts trust in the accounting firm and expands business. It is an ethical priority of accounting firms to assure the data security of the client.

Financial services

Accounting services have expanded beyond traditional bookkeeping and tax services. Value-added facilities like ratio analysis, fund management, liquidity, investment returns, cash flow etc are only a few to mention. Accounting firms that provide services to clients fetch more reputation and business today, business requires not only a record of transactions but a detailed analysis of investment and return supported by various reports and statistical data to direct future strategies.

Accounting Service fees

The competitive scene among accounting firms forces them to reduce service charges. Clients look forward to firms that provide accounting services for a reasonable fee. In being cost-effective, firms gain business and the confidence of clients. It may seem less profitable in the short run but gain more clientele on the highway.

Retaining staff

The competitive advantage is sought by employees most often. Trained employees are in demand constantly by new as well as existing firms. This tug of war results in a pullover of employees amidst various firms from the same service industry. Firms, therefore, need to to redesign the remuneration package and entertain lucrative perks to restrict the mobilization of human assets. It not only promotes a stable workforce but also a satisfactory and trustworthy human resource which is indeed a strong pillar of the firm.

Comply with rules and regulations

It is mandatory for any firm to be constantly aware of the rules and regulations revised by the governing body from time to time. The clients totally rely on the firm for their absolute accounting responsibilities. They would love to remain stress-free in this respect and the firm is legally as well as ethically responsible for the compliance of the formalities.

Timely Tax return filing

Indeed it is a traditional function of any accounting firm across the globe. Wondering then how it claims a place in the trends of bookkeeping? Yes, even the most routine function that needs to be accomplished in a stipulated time period and format is always a challenge and top-list priority. In case of any loop hole this may lead to a penalty to the client and a straight loss to the firm in terms of prestige and client loss.

Technological updating

Not only installing a full-proof technical support system but also continuous updating is a must. Firms today keep a steady watch on the trending software and systems which prove more utility oriented toward accounting functions. Accounting firms are closely knit with technology and upgrade technology to

Instant availability of data

Not only recording accounting transactions but also its presentation as and when required instantly by the client is another trending function of book-keeping firms.

Business requires data and statistics from the past to study trends and patterns. Also, strategies can be built up with the assistance of past records. The book-keeping firms must keep the data so well that it can be produced and presented to the client at the snap of the fingers.

Thus, the role of book-keeping firms is not only restricted to transaction recording. They have undergone changing trends and are now custodians of a firm’s business data, Tax planners for their clients, a guide who through various data analysis boost new synergy into business, a ready reckoner that submits required data in moments, a philanthropist for employees who need work-life balance through virtual workspace and lot more.

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