General FAQs

How does outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting & tax with Initor Global UK work?

We offer three different outsourcing working models, and you need to choose the one most suitable for your working pattern.

Starting with Server-based operations where you can easily upload your data to our secure FTP server, which is collected & worked by Initor Global UK staff & final work is uploaded on time to the FTP server.

In email-based support, you can send all the documents via email. Initor Global UK staff will complete the work & send it back to you as we work remotely using VPN/RDC or Citrix etc.; Initor Global UK staff will log in to your system using a secure VPN & will complete the assigned work.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?

No, it’s not mandatory. We can make ad-hoc contracts as per requirements by the client. Also, you can sign an Annual contract with Initor Global UK before commencing ahead with our engagement. Your contract will be renewed annually. If you wish to withdraw in between due to any reason, you need to provide at least two months prior notice.

What are the different modes of communication with the client?

We communicate with the client by various modes like Email, Zoom, Go To Meeting, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams etc.

What is the backup plan if team members go on vacation or unplanned long leaves like medical emergencies?

We always have SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) in our record for all the tasks performed by team members. If any of our team members want to take long-planned leaves, we assign temporary resources for the clients who will be assisted with cross-training before leaving for the vacation. Likewise, if any unplanned leaves are taken, we allocate quick resources for the clients who will refer SOP to perform the tasks. Thus, our team always has a buffer resource to deal with those cases at each level.

Do you have any UK representatives?

Yes, we have our representatives in the UK.

Do you provide references for your current clients?

If a client asks, we can provide our existing clients’ contact numbers and email addresses to cross-check our references.

How can I get started?

First, you need to select a working model. Then, according to your requirements, pricing will be mentioned in the contract. Then, we have our own IT team who will set up a workstation.

What if I am not satisfied with the work?

At any stage, if you feel unsatisfied with the staff/service, our Account Manager will have a joint meeting with you & will try to understand the concern. They will provide you with an action plan to improvise the services and schedule a zoom call weekly to review the work with the client. If it’s not up to the mark still, we will try & accommodate you with another resource.

Accounting & Tax FAQs

Which Tax & Accounting software can Initor Global UK use?

Many of our professionals are QB & Xero Certified. We can work in various Accounting & Tax software like QuickBooks, Xero, Clearbooks, Kashflow, Freeagent, VT, Sage, Tax calc, Iris, Digita, SAPA, Tax filer, etc.

What are the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting & tax with Initor Global UK?

Centred from our vast experience working with UK Accountants and as an Outsourced Accounting & Tax services provider, we understand that Accounting firms can expect all the outsourcing benefits they wish to. They can access with better team scalability, Qualified & trained Accountants, reduce hiring cost, better TAT for all the jobs & enabling time for you to focus on growing your business.

Does anybody review the work of a bookkeeper or accountant?

Yes, we have an in-house QC department that reviews the work before delivery.

Would I get the same resource if I upgrade my engagement from Half Time to Full Time?

Yes, if another client has not requested the same before you. We give such privilege to that client assigned to that resource and come first to ask for Full time.

How can we share the documents?

If you select a Remote based model, you can create a folder in your server and can share with us to share the documents.

We have our own Dropbox account on our server in which we can create a dedicated folder for the client and can share it with them.

How does the AD HOC package process work?

We assign you a single point of contact. Therefore, you have to communicate with the same person to do the accounting work.

Do you also provide supporting work papers for the returns prepared?

Yes, we provide working paper files for the annual accounts VAT and PTR.

Payments, Pricing & Free Trial

How much does offshoring to Initor Global UK cost?

Initor Global UK offers three engagement models for Bookkeeping & Accounting, and Taxation services. Costing depends on your requirements, the scope and the volume of work agreed upon. We have assigned dedicated Accounts & Tax Managers (SPOC’s) to all the models who will report directly to your on-floor Manager (POC). They keep track of an individual’s daily, weekly, monthly performance & the same is informed to you. For more pricing information, please get in touch with us.

What are the different modes of payment?

We accept the payment through Cheque, Online transfer, Debit/Credit Card and GoCardless.

How do you charge extra hours?

We charge at an hourly rate for those hours, which are in addition to the committed hours. We inform clients in advance before they reach their dedicated hours. Clients should approve extra hours.

Does Initor Global UK offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial, and it depends on the engagement model you are planning to move ahead with us. For full-time bookkeeping/accounting, we offer up to 10 hours of work we will do for free.

For half time we offer up to 5 hours. In addition, in Taxation, we offer up to 2 tax returns as a free trial for you to decide. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Will the same person be assigned to me who will perform the trial job?

Yes, we assign the trial job to those employees who will be assigned that client, if signed.

What is the billing cycle?

We raise the monthly invoices on the last day of the month. We also provide the credit terms to clear off the invoice.

Operations, TAT & Training

What are your working hours?

Initor Global UK provides live services to UK clients. We work as per UK time. We begin our work at 9 AM and finish at 5 PM. We also follow the UK holidays as per calendar year.

What is your turnaround time/how long does it usually take to complete a project?

We provide an average of 5 working days for a turnaround of jobs depending on the complexity of work you assign to us. However, it can vary depending on the volume of work you wish to offshore at a given time. For example, Monthly and ongoing bookkeeping taxes will take less time than the actual.

What is the TAT on tax returns?

It is five business days.

How do you train your staff to the latest regulatory changes?

We have created some training modules for all the engagement models. All our new employees get one month of on-the-job training and monthly training sessions, which is off-tax season training. It helps us to attain the heavy demand during the ongoing tax season. Whenever a new tax law is implemented, senior managers in the department circulate notifications and keep our members updated with the latest regulatory changes. If a new accounting and tax software is launched in the market, we make an SOP and share it with our team members.

Will the same person be assigned to me who will perform the trial job?

Yes, we assign the trial job to those employees who will be assigned that client, if signed.

What is the billing cycle?

We raise the monthly invoices on the last day of the month. We also provide the credit terms to clear off the invoice.


Which services can you provide to your clients?

We provide the following services:

  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT
  • Annual account and CT600
  • Self-assessment
  • Business Plan & Budget
  • Payroll
  • Company secretarial services

IT Related & Data protection

How do you ensure that my files and data are completely secure?

We are an ISO certified & GDPR compliant company, and we follow all the data security methods & latest technologies to keep your data safe. Our workstation is under 24*7 CCTV surveillance, and USB plug points of all computers are disabled. None of the staff members is allowed to enter the place with mobile phones and needs to keep them in lockers before entering the site, and we have activated biometric punch-ins and punch-outs that all employees strictly follow. In addition, we have an experienced IT team that closely monitors all employees to ensure the data security of our customers.

Skills, Qualifications & Experience

How skilled is your finance & accounting team?

We have a highly skilled team of 100+ accountants with various professional skills like ACCA, CA, Bachelor and Master of commerce who can assist you with your accounting needs. Initor Global UK is operated by one director named Sachin Chokshi (ACCA).

What is the academic qualification of our employees?

Our Employees are mostly CA, ACCA, Master of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce with more than two years of experience dealing with UK Taxation.

What is your experience in the Accounting Industry?

Our team of highly skilled accountants come with vast experience of 15+ years working with CPA firms & accountants across the UK.

Is there any business Insurance available at Initor Global UK?

Yes, we provide the following insurances from our side:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Employer Liability insurance
  • Public Liability
  • Cyber Data Theft
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