Every client prefers a hassle free experience when choosing a financial outsourcing partner. Our aim is to make the on-boarding process very simple and completely hassle free for our clients. We vouch for the simple philosophy of “Business Your Way” and our operational models too reflect this philosophy.

Whenever you choose to take up financial services outsourcing, the key aspect becomes sharing of financial information which is very complex and tedious. To ensure a smooth on-boarding, we have defined different operational models which are very easy, convenient and fast too. The models are designed keeping the security aspect in consideration. The operational models for all our accounting, bookkeeping, tax and payroll services are highly flexible. We give our clients the freedom to choose from any of the models depending on their specific business requirements and preferences.

Secure Server Based

  1. This model involves simply scanning and uploading documents on to a secure FTP server located either in India or outside India.
  2. Our team can easily access this data using secure login into the server. We can then work on the data obtained.
  3. As soon as the work is complete, our team will upload it back to the secure FTP server.

Email Based

  1. In the Email based model, clients can directly send all their documents over email.
  2. Our team can eventually access these documents through email and work on them.
  3. Once the work is complete, the final documents are sent back to the client via email.

Remote Access Based

  1. In this model, clients are required to scan their documents and place it in a shared folder on their server.
  2. Using remote desktop access service like Secure VPN, our team can connect to the client computers and complete the work.
  3. We will log off the system once the work is completed.
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