Initor Global Services provides the full range of finance and accounting services your business needs. We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for your business regardless of size or stage of life. Please speak to one of our experts for a tailored quote to meet your needs. The scope of our more popular services is shown below.

Accounts Payable

We provide the full range of Accounts Payable services your business needs, including:

  • Creating Folders and Subfolders for easy access to Invoices
  • Receiving Invoices directly from Suppliers
  • Downloading Invoices from Suppliers’ Portal
  • Saving Invoices digitally
  • Posting of Invoices to Accounting Software
  • Posting of Staff Expense Claims to Accounting Software
  • Preparing Payment Runs
  • Obtaining Approval for Payment Runs
  • Uploading Approved Payments to Bankline
  • Posting of Payments to Supplier Ledgers and allocation of payments.
  • Sending Remittance Advice to Suppliers
  • Resolving Debit and aged balances in Supplier Ledgers
  • Resolving Disputes with Suppliers
  • Following up with Suppliers for Missing Invoices
  • Running Aged Creditors Report.

Accounts Receivable

Our Accounts Receivable services include:

  • Creating Folders and Subfolders for easy access to Invoices
  • Preparing and Issuing Sales Invoices to Customers
  • Saving Invoices digitally
  • Posting of Invoices to Accounting Software
  • Posting of Receipts to Customer Ledgers and allocation of receipts
  • Receiving and Filing Remittance Advice
  • Following up with Customers for Remittance Advice
  • Running Aged Debtors Report
  • Resolving Credit and aged balances in Customer Ledgers.

Budget Management and Forecasting

Our budget management and forecasting services include:

  • Preparation of annual budgets and forecasts
  • Preparation of periodic monitoring information for senior management (including non-accountants if needed).

Credit Control

Our credit control services include:

  • Confirming with customers receipt of Invoices
  • Contacting customers for expected date of payment
  • Resolving disputes with the help of Sales Team
  • Preparing a report on historic debtors
  • Reviewing credit terms for all customers
  • Credit Checks for new customers.

Digital Bookkeeping

Our bookkeepers have experience of all major cloud based accounting software which we access from our own secure servers. If you prefer, we can access your business server using secure remote login arrangements. You can trust our highly experienced bookkeepers to provide the following services based on your needs:

Update accounting software for all bank, credit card and cash transactions Our bookkeepers quickly and accurately update accounting software based on Bankfeed, CSV or pdf bank and credit card statements provided by your clients
VAT return preparation Our monthly bookkeeping service enables submission of quarterly VAT Returns to HMRC, so deadlines aren’t missed. We can also complete ad-hoc VAT returns where a backlog of bookkeeping has built up.
Bank account and credit card account reconciliation Our bookkeepers perform monthly reconciliations, liaising with your clients to resolve any matters arising.
Contracted turnaround times Services are completed within five working days or quicker if necessary.

Fixed Asset Register

We maintain your fixed asset registers by:

  • Maintaining records for each class of asset
  • Calculating Depreciation for each asset on monthly basis
  • Updating register for Addition / Deletion of assets
  • Calculating Gain or Loss on disposal for each asset

Management Accounts

Our management accountants will support your business with:

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts, including: profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement,
  • Periodic accounts closedown reports
  • Variance analysis
  • Preparation of management information reports and dashboards
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators

Payroll and Pensions (includes Construction Industry Scheme)

Our Payroll team has experience of all major cloud based payroll software, which we access from our own secure servers. If you prefer, we can access your Practice server using secure remote login arrangements. You can trust our team of qualified professionals to provide the following Payroll processing based on your needs.

Monthly or weekly payslips Payroll reports
Setting up PAYE scheme with HMRC PAYE and National Insurance calculations
Real Time Information (RTI) submission to HMRC Pension reporting
Year-end Form P60 and PIID reports and HMRC submission Issuing Form P45 to leavers
Downloading and updating Form P6, Form P9 notices Statutory payments
Setting up payroll for and new companies Enrolling new employees
Submission of information to Pension Providers Creating government gateways
CIS deductions and reporting


We maintain your Purchase Order (PO) systems by:

  • Comparing Invoices with PO for Quality and Rates
  • Managing Approval of PO and Invoices.

Secretarial Services

You can trust our team of qualified professionals to provide the following Company Secretarial services.

Company Formations
We provide advice on the type of corporate structure your business needs. We help you at every step of the way to set up and form a new company with Companies House, including director and company secretary appointments and the allocation of shares and share capital. We use standard Articles of Association which we can tailor to the individual needs if needed. We provide all statutory documentation to support the Articles of Association, including incorporation certificate, share certificates and the register for Persons with Significant Control, ensuring your clients comply with all statutory requirements.
Maintenance of Statutory Records
We provide an annual compliance service to prepare and file the company annual return, check and update the Persons of Significant Control register, prepare and review share transfers, and ensure reminders are sent to your client when statutory deadlines are imminent.
Company Liquidation
We provide expert advice when seeking a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) or in the extreme event a company is liquidated by creditors. We provide full support to streamline the entire liquidation process with appropriate advice, notifying creditors, payment of creditors, share transfers and more.
Share Capital
Our team of experts can manage any changes to share capital, such as the transfer of shares between directors, the creation of new shares and employee shares and much more.

Statutory Accounts and Audit

Our statutory accounts and audit services will be tailored to your specific requirements. We can liaise with your external auditors on working paper requirements if needed. Our services include:

  • Providing data to Statutory Accountants / Auditors
  • Resolving queries from accountants and auditors
  • Posting Adjustments in accounting software to match balances with final version of accounts
  • Year-end process to close all income and expense accounts.

Treasury Management

Our Treasury Management Services include:

  • Uploading Supplier Payments
  • Uploading Contractor Payments
  • Uploading Staff Claims
  • Posting of Bank transactions
  • Preparing Bank reconciliations
  • Posting of Petty Cash Transactions
  • Posting of Credit Card Transactions
  • Sending a daily Report on Cash and Bank Balances to management.

Trial Balance and Balance Sheet Preparation

We prepare periodic and year-end trial balance and balance sheet information for your review, including:

  • Schedule of Accruals
  • Schedule of Prepayments
  • Schedule of Deferred Revenues
  • Schedule of Accrued Income
  • Schedule of Directors’ Loan Accounts
  • Aged Debtors
  • Aged Creditors
  • Other Debtors
  • Other Creditors
  • VAT Control Account
  • PAYE / NI Account
  • Net Pay Account

VAT Services

Our accountants and tax specialists have experience of all major tax and accounting software, and making tax digital rules. We can access cloud based tax and accounting software from our own secure servers. If you prefer, we can access your Practice server using secure remote login arrangements. Our VAT services include:

  • Advice on the appropriate VAT scheme for your business
  • VAT registration and registration
  • Monthly bookkeeping to support preparation of VAT returns
  • Preparation of quarterly VAT returns
  • Filing of quarterly VAT returns with HMRC using MTD compatible software
  • Advice on payments and refunds from HMRC
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